Russ Fellows

Senior Partner & Analyst
Lab Director, Testing, Benchmarks, IOmark

Russ joined Evaluator Group in 2006 and brings over 25 years of diverse experience in the IT industry to his role as a Senior Partner & Analyst at Evaluator Group. Today he leads the Validation and Benchmarking Lab group, with extensive hands-on experience with HCI, all-flash systems performance, and usability testing for vendors and IT end users.

He previously was a technologist at Solbourne Computers in their test department and later moved to Fujitsu. He started his tenure at Fujitsu as an engineer and later transitioned into IT administration and management. Next, he worked as a “Technology Evangelist” and Storage Marketing Manager at Sun Microsystems.

Russ possesses a unique perspective on the industry through his experience as both a product marketing and IT consumer.

A Colorado native, Russ hold a BS in Applied Math and Computer Science and an MBA in International Business and Information Technology from University of Colorado at Boulder.

Latest Research

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