Evaluator Group analysts have an average of more than 20 years of experience in the information technology industry. Our knowledge base combines experience in the engineering, marketing and sales disciplines, though the core of our expertise comes from a thorough, hands-on knowledge of architectures and engineering of data centers and storage.

Camberley Bates

Managing Director and Analyst, Camberley Bates brings over 20 years of senior executive experience leading sales and marketing teams at VERITAS, GE and EDS. Learn more about Camberley Bates

Russ Fellows

Meet Russ Fellows, Senior Partner & Analyst, focusing on data storage technologies, data center transformation, virtualization, security & data protection. Learn more about Russ Fellows

Randy Kerns

Meet Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist & Analyst at Evaluator Group. Randy Kerns draws from over 35 years helping storage companies develop products. Learn more about Randy Kerns

John Webster

John Webster, Analyst at Evaluator Group. Author. Forbes blogger. Big data analytics, data storage technologies, services management and virtualization. Learn more about John Webster

Eric Slack

Sr Analyst, 25 years storage industry experience, focuses on Hyperconverged Infrastructure and the Open Storage Platform Learn more about Eric Slack

Frederic Van Haren

Meet Frederic Van Haren, Senior Analyst and Practice lead at Evaluator Group. Frederic has over 20 years of experience in High Tech providing technical leadership in Telecom and Speech markets. Learn more about Frederic Van Haren

Steve Scully

Meet Steve Scully, Senior Analyst at Evaluator Group. Steve brings over 30 years of diverse experience to his role as Senior Analyst. Learn more about Steve Scully