Janae Stow Lee

Consulting Analyst
Strategy, IT Operations, Container Platforms

Janae Stow Lee combines enterprise customer experience and industry knowledge to help enterprises and vendors to analyze, select and successfully grow their successful usage of high-performance system and data solutions.  She began her career in sales at IBM, eventually managing one of IBM’s largest enterprise solution sales and consulting branch offices before transitioning to a successful product executive career in the Data Storage division.

Post IBM, she led sales, marketing and product organizations at startups like Legato (acquired by EMC), Avamar (acquired by EMC), TimeSpring Software (acquired by Doubletake) and Quantum’s Stornext business.  In 2018, Janae started her own business, JMSL Consulting, with a focus on helping cloud-based solution makers identify and address gaps in their go-to-market (both advice and execution).  This has included a stint consulting for the Open Postgres Data Group at Azure (formerly Citus Data), as well as a variety of advisory and part time executive roles assisting firms in data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data security.  She brings a broad knowledge of architecture, data-centric use cases and market understanding to her role at Evaluator Group, where as an associate to the firm, she is advising users and vendors on selected new technology and market opportunities.

Janae’s market insights have been published in predominant business media, including the WSJ (All Things D), Wired Journal and Forbes (online).

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