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By , Wednesday, April 2nd 2014

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Looking at advanced features is always a critical step when reviewing storage systems because of the value these features bring.  There are a large number of storage system-based features, and variations exist between different vendor implementations. But taking a step back, it is interesting to examine where these features really belong. They were developed in storage systems to fill a need and each feature could be applied at a single point, regardless of the different hosts accessing the information.


To start a discussion about where the features really belong, let’s examine the more commonly used ones. This is not a call for change because change is unlikely.  It is a discussion that may assist in some understanding of how these features can help.

Encryption. Encryption should be done at the time an application creates or modifies data and before the data is transmitted out of the application’s control. This means the data would be encrypted when it is transmitted over any network to a storage location. Access to data from another server would require the authentication and the encryption keys for decrypting the data. Encrypting data at the storage system is not the best location because applications can access the data without controls regarding encryption. Encryption at the storage system is protection from physical theft of devices.

Data protection through backup. Decisions about backup should be made by the application owner or business unit.  In most environments, IT makes a broad-based decision about data protection as a standard policy and applies….

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Randy_Kerns_3Randy Kerns contributes regularly to the TechTarget blog, Storage Soup and is a member of TechTarget’s Editorial Speaker Bureau.  Randy Kerns teaches classes on storage technology regularly in the United States and Europe.

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