Trends in Enterprise Data Protection

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Release Date: January 8th, 2019

Evaluator Group views a well-executed data protection strategy as one that uses a number of interrelated activities, including point-in-time copies, backups, disaster recovery (DR), archive, and data management. We wanted to understand how enterprise information technology (IT) organizations are using these activities to achieve their data protection goals. As a result, this research covers data protection from a multi-dimensional perspective.

“Trends in Enterprise Data Protection” focuses on various operational aspects of data protection solutions, including backup, DR, and archive, as well as the role the public cloud plays in these activities particularly over the next 12 to 24 months. Several technology and business implications are considered, and the evolution of data protection into the broader role of enterprise data management (EDM) is introduced.

Our research confirmed a trend we have found in our IT end user engagements, a large percentage of organizations are re-evaluating their data protection strategies. Much of this is driven by the digital transformation.  Within these changes, we focused on a few key topical areas:

  • How IT organizations are rethinking data protection
  • Implications for DR and archiving
  • Use of public clouds for data protection
  • Technology implications for data protection
  • Thoughts on Enterprise Data Management

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