Transforming IT – Top Five Edicts for 2021


In this free Industry Snapshot report, Sr. Analyst John Webster offers five enterprise IT perspectives on the upcoming year as an aid to planning and decision making. For more information, contact Evaluator Group here.

Anticipating the new normal

As we begin 2021, the outlook remains uncertain. The Pandemic will be less of a factor influencing the economy and the workplace. Vaccine distribution will help restore a sense of normalcy. But IT executives should now assess what has changed permanently following the disruption.

During 2020 we saw investment in infrastructure aimed at supporting a remote workforce. We believe that IT executives will continue to build-out that capability and make it permanent during 2021. But continuing assessments should be made:


  • Did the workforce actually become more productive and, if so, can those productivity gains be preserved and even strengthened? Did the stress of balancing work vs. home life take a toll on others and if so, can those pressures be alleviated? What is IT’s role in strengthening the workforce?
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Going the next step

2021 will be another year in which new technology introductions will add to the list of those already under consideration. The only difference is that the pace of introduction will accelerate as the economy continues to rebound. Cloud adoption will continue to grow as workloads are transformed to and initiated as cloud-native. Evaluator Group helps customers examine these considerations in light of their strategy, build the business case and understand the technical differences. Contact us to find out how we can help you create a sound, informed strategy.

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