Storage as a Service Comes of Age – A Study of Enterprise User Perceptions and Requirements

Storage as a service (STaaS) is a storage resource implemented as an on-premises service that offers users the same immediacy, scalability, and pay-per-use flexibility of public cloud storage without security and performance variability issues.

Because STaaS is now “coming of age,” we’ve released a free research study that aims to guide enterprise STaaS users through the maze of approaches and issues they will encounter when evaluating a STaaS offering. The study also outlines current perceptions of this technology, potential motivations for using STaaS and reasons for misgivings.

This study was created by conducting an incisive survey and in-depth interviews with enterprise IT technical staff, as well as managers, who often had responsibility for all IT infrastructure within their organization.

In addition to outlining enterprise’s current perceptions of STaaS, this research uncovered the top motivations for evaluating storage-as-a-service solutions. The top five drivers are:

  • On-premise storage solution
  • Storage system consolidation
  • Meeting unpredictable storage demand
  • Desire to pay for storage on a pay-as-you-go basis
  • Access to the latest technology

This report covers the details of current technology trends and more, including use cases, visibility of STaaS vendors and Evaluator Group’s recommendations to those using or evaluating this technology.

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