Spectra Logic Announces Digital Archive Solution

By , Friday, February 24th 2023

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The News: Spectra Logic announced its Digital Archive solution based on StorCycle software. The solution combines StorCycle archive and data management software with Spectra hardware for large scale archive and data retention. Read an overview of the Digital Archive solution from Spectra here.

Spectra Logic Announces Digital Archive Solution

Analyst Take: Spectra Logic’s announcement of its Digital Archive Solution based on StorCycle software illustrates that the company appears to be furthering its push into the archive market. Spectra Logic is well known for its BlackPearl and tape products, entered into the data management and archive software space a few years ago with the release of StorCycle.

From my understanding, Digital Archive does not actually add any feature changes from the existing feature set of StorCycle, all of the archiving capabilities were already built into the software. Instead, Digital Archive represents an overall archiving solution built from Spectra’s portfolio. The Digital Archive is made up of Spectra building blocks including the StorCycle software, Spectra BlackPearl devices, and Spectra tape libraries. Additional NAS and cloud targets are also supported to increase the flexibility of the solution.



While Spectra Logic’s Digital Archive solution isn’t technically adding anything new in terms of functionality, it does resonate with the challenges seen by IT organizations dealing with large scale datasets, such as in the industries listed in the above graphic. Maintaining data at scale can become a complex and costly challenge. In many cases, organizations will have large capacities of data that cannot be deleted, and the problem is further complicated by compliance requirements and security concerns such as ransomware protection.

While public cloud has in many cases become a popular archive target, a combination of these concerns has led to compelling arguments for the continued usage of on-premises archive targets such as tape or on-premises disk devices. Public cloud solutions used for long term archiving – typically a cold or inactive tier – are often slow and expensive for data retrieval. Hotter tiers may be used as an active archive to reduce the data retrieval cost, however at an increased storage cost. In addition, some organizations may have reservations about utilizing the public cloud for long term data preservation as it removes their control over data security and compliance practices.

Tape offers the most cost-effective storage solution for bulk data storage, as well as an easily air gapped solution to protect against ransomware. As a company with a strong history in offering tape solutions, it makes sense that Spectra is positioning Digital Archive to provide this type of on-premises archiving  solution. By combining StorCycle’s feature set with Spectra’s tape and BlackPearl solutions, Digital Archive becomes a flexible solution capable of addressing several archiving needs. By utilizing this mix of storage targets and StorCycle software, organizations can achieve various cost, performance, scalability, automation, and data protection requirements for data archiving and preservation.

Spectra Logic’s announcement of the Digital Archive solution positions the company as a comprehensive option for data archiving, from software to hardware. While StorCycle may have initially found interest in its compatibility with the public cloud, this announcement helps Spectra refocus its value towards on-premises archiving capability while simultaneously positioning its hardware solutions as target devices.

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