Vendor Services and Subscriptions

Build a competitive edge with Evaluator Group’s market driver assessment and research to drive messaging that resonates with IT and business decision-makers. Then, use our independent, data-driven analysis with lab validation, financial modeling, and the expertise of our analysts to communicate the value to your audience.

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Types of Vendor Services

  • Evaluator Series Research – Over 400 products and technologies are reviewed and ranked through in-depth research in the Evaluator Series Research library. See comprehensive analysis with side-by-side EvaluScale™ rankings. Understand industry trends and shifts with our Insights.
  • Custom Primary – Surveys plus one-on-one interviews on market trends, buyer’s intent, and competitive insights.
  • Advisory Insight – Choose between short, quick inquiries or deep dive sessions that reveal independent analysis of markets and technologies.
  • Competitive Insight Services – Provide your sales team with the power of custom, analytics driven battlecards, sales sheets, and win/loss interviews.
  • Message Testing – Uncover if your message is resonating with your target audience. We can help you refine and create the correct message that addresses pain points and resonates with your audience.
  • Lab testing and validations –  Prove your offering in our lab with performance, functionality and operational testing.
  • Economic Insights and Interactive Modeling – Create marketing and sales tools that define value for your clients through dynamic economic analysis that compare acquisition options, new technology implementation value and more.
  • Licensed and Commission Reports – Offer valuable understanding to your markets through analyst recommendations on market trends or technology functionality and highlights.
  • Video Reporting– Effectively encapsulate any research topic through our Analysts expertise, professionally shot and edited videos aimed at engaging the viewer.
  • Speaking Engagements – Allow our analysts to strengthen your message through lectures at private or public events.

Our Clients

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