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IT Validation

Futurum Labs provides testing services for a wide variety of products and applications, with a focus on testing storage and hyperconverged systems, along with data management and data protection applications. Our facilities include 30 KW UPS power, data-center grade humidity controlled cooling. Our labs deploy current generation Intel based servers running a variety of hypervisors along with 10, 25, 100 Gb Ethernet and 8, 16, 32 Gb FC network connectivity options between server and storage systems. Together with our custom developed testing applications our labs are capable of driving over 10,000 application VM’s and 20,000 VDI desktops, to stress even the largest data-center class products.

Want to test in your lab? Purchase a license for IOmark or we can conduct testing at your site. Of course you can try it free in your lab for 30 days.

Officially audited results approved for release are published on the website.  All official results are available without membership requirements.   Vendors who have published include:

  • Datrium
  • Hitachi
  • HPE
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • NetApp
  • VMware
  • And others….
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