Financial Models

Evaluator Group creates financial models to aid in determining the best approaches for architectures and IT purchasing decisions. Models are created to compare architecture options, the value of implementing new technologies, and product cost of ownership. Our expert team can create custom models specific to your environment. The two public models below show comparisons of technologies.

Data Reduction Estimator

Explore what storage efficiencies you can expect to see when you implement a Solid State Array with compression and deduplication. With the information in this model, your business will be able to adjust data capacity for specific workloads.

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Flash Storage Economics

Our Flash Storage Life Span Economics model is driven by the longer Solid State lifecycles. Discover what it means to keep Solid State media in production during any specified length of time while separately upgrading the controller. This model lets you compare the acquisition and upgrade strategies of these new systems.

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Failure Cost Economics

This economic calculator compares failure cost economics of SDS / Server based storage vs Custom System Arrays. In the model demonstrates the the costs in administrative time to recover from a failure and the cost of an outage to the business when an impacting failure occurs. Additionally, the number of disk devices to be replaced is determined based on the total number and historical annual failure rates. This is not relevant for flash devices.

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