Economic Analysis and Modeling

Evaluator Group examines the economic value of IT architectures and purchasing decisions.  The original models were created at the behest of our IT Clients creating business cases for investments, for instance the two-tier archive model below. In recent years we have extended this service to our vendor clients creating dynamic models to demonstrate tangible business value and accompanying them with Economic Insight reviews.

3-2-1 Data Protection

This model shows the costs associated with protecting data using a 3-2-1 method. It represents data protection on two different media types, one storing full + incremental backups and another storing full backups only. Full backups are additionally stored indefinitely for long term retention in offsite storage. Incremental backups could also be used to populate long term storage.

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Two-Tier Archiving Model

The Two-Tier Archiving Model enables informed decisions about the value of using a two-tier archive in reducing IT expenditures.  The model has the ability to compare costs for a two-tier archive moving data from primary storage to an on-premises object storage and then to cloud storage based on a defined policy while backing up remaining primary data to disk against:

  • No archiving and only regular backup of all primary data
  • Archiving direct to tape (initially set at mainframe-level prices).
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Data Reduction Estimator

Explore what storage efficiencies you can expect to see when you implement a Solid State Array with compression and deduplication. With the information in this model, your business will be able to adjust data capacity for specific workloads.

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Flash Storage Economics

Our Flash Storage Life Span Economics model is driven by the longer Solid State lifecycles. Discover what it means to keep Solid State media in production during any specified length of time while separately upgrading the controller. This model lets you compare the acquisition and upgrade strategies of these new systems.

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