Our experienced staff of analysts is equipped to provide you with customized guidance on your information management strategies and acquistions. Our team will carefully uncover the requirements and trade-offs unique to your architecture, reducing the risk and time needed to make sound decisions.

Services are available through custom projects and subscription, which includes access to our research.

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Types of Consulting Services

  • Build the Modern Data Center. Is all flash, all the time possible or needed? What is the reality of the cost, performance and business justification? Our experts can help you understand the options and the business case.
  • Implementing Hybrid Cloud – What is your data management strategy? How will you integrate with the traditional architecture? What are the options?  Evaluator Group experts can help you design and architect a logical approach.
  • Data Protection is changing. Again. – All flash, new data sources and the cloud means data protection is changing.  We are helping clients design the next generation of data protection.
  • HPC/AI projects – What are the data management options?  How will the systems scale?  Do you need a data lake? How will this integrate with traditional IT?  Our analysts have architected for thousands of systems and PBs of data.
  • Converged or Integrated?HCI, Integrated and Composable Infrastructures have a place and strategy in the Modern Data Center. Our experts can help you understand the architecture, capabilities and tradeoffs of these systems.


Camberley Bates
Managing Director & Analyst
Go-to-market strategies, channels and sales models
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Russ Fellows
Senior Partner & Analyst
Lab Director, Testing, Benchmarks, IOmark
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Randy Kerns
Senior Strategist & Analyst
Lead Strategist, TCO, All things storage
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Steve Scully
Senior Analyst
Enterprise Data Management, Data Protection, Archive
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Eric Slack
Senior Analyst
HCI and Integrated; Software Defined
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Frederic Van Haren
Senior Analyst & Practice Lead
HPC / AI in the Enterprise; Scale out / High Performance
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John Webster
Senior Partner & Analyst
Hybrid Cloud / Big Data; Financial Acquisition Options
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