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Our experienced staff of analysts is equipped to provide you with expert and independent guidance on your information management planning and technology decisions. Our team will help you uncover your requirements and trade-offs unique to your architecture, reducing the risk and time needed to make sound decisions.

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Types of Consulting Services

  • Tight Budgets and Technology Selection – Finding the alternatives that are available to you can be easy, but understanding the critical differences, and the most cost effective path is difficult.  Our experts and independent research can take you through the step-by-step decision process to enable you to make the right choice.
  • Build the Modern Data Center Containers? Automated Data Management? On -Premise versus Off-Premise? IT is constantly evolving to adapt to the new digital world.  Building modern data center while maintaining the current takes a strategy to prioritize and manage the transitions.
  • Implementing Hybrid Cloud – What is your data management strategy? How will you integrate with the traditional architecture? What are the options?  Evaluator Group experts can help you design and architect a logical approach.
  • Data Protection is changing. Again. – Between cloud, ransomware,new data sources and (oh!) containers, data protection keeps evolving. We help clients design the next generation of data protection to cover all the bases.
  • HPC/AI and Data Lakes – What are the data management options?  How will the systems scale?  Do you need a data lake? How will this integrate with traditional IT?  Our analysts have architected for thousands of systems and PBs of data.

Case Study: IT Budget Crunch & Out of Capacity 

A financial institution found, yet again, that they had outgrown their primary storage.  The IT team needed help looking at other options and developing the business case for the upfront investment. 

Evaluator Group was engaged to develop options for growth.  We reviewed their storage and data requirements for the three data centers. To determine the best business option, Evaluator Group built a financial model to compare Public Cloud, Tape, Object and NAS options and how they would be incorporated into the current IT environment.  From here, the IT team presented their options for budget approval and then moved to an RFP and implementation.

Case Study: World-Wide Shared Media Asset Management

A Media & Entertainment firm had outgrown their current infrastructure in supporting video editing and media asset management systems. IT had a limited staff, and did not have time to research and review new options, plus they were not sure they knew the ‘right’ questions to ask. 

Evaluator Group was engaged by the VP of IT to work through the requirements by painting a picture of what the company wanted to accomplish and the planned growth. Evaluator Group narrowed the selection to five architectural options to support a worldwide File Structure that delivered the performance and protection needed for a high performance team.  The final review focused on the top two options, and we helped facilitate the discussions and negotiations with the vendors.  

Case Study: Data Loss that Led to Data Protection Strategy Revamping

A top 50 manufacturing firm experienced a serious data loss that resulted in the shutdown of facilities for several days and impacts to other operations over the next month.  The IT team felt they did not have a full understanding of the issues and needed to gain the trust of the executive staff.

Evaluator Group was engaged to review the technology options and vendor proposals in order to provide recommendations they could trust.  Through this process we identified the “whys” for the process failures and were able to make critical recommendations for changes – not only for the systems and primary storage, but also for training and procedures.  The full report was delivered at the C-level, gaining approval for the plan and implementation over the course of the next 6 months.

Case Study: IT Transformation – “Act Like the Cloud” 

A federal government institution was asked to deliver cloud-like on-premises services.  Their environment included applications that were highly critical and data storage performance sensitive.

Evaluator Group was engaged to review the technology options and vendor proposals in order to provide recommendations that could meet the stringent requirements.  Budget was a key consideration, both in the technology required and the personnel skills needed to operate. Today, they have one environment, though data is served to the applications from platforms that best meet the SLA’s of the business. 

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