Premium Services

Finding information on technology options is easy. Interpreting, understanding and applying this information in order to make sound, impactful decisions is difficult.  Evaluator Group builds its services upon a deep understanding of the technologies and their nuances, and along with our independent research, delivers the resulting clarity through expert consulting and education to its clients. Need help understanding the trade-offs or the effects on your environment?  Evaluator Group is here to help.


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Premium Research

Evaluator Group digs into technology trends and product reviews to determine what really matters, how they really work and what are the real trade-offs. Please check out our free research as a starting point and find out about our more in-depth research and analysis available with subscription options.

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Advisory Services

Our goal is to help you understand the impacts and trade-offs of technologies and architectures to build a solid plan for your data management environment. Whether you're faced with a single product decision or a broader IT project, leverage our expertise to make the most informed decision.

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Gain knowledge about the true strengths and drawbacks of technologies and products, without any vendor spin, through our two- to three-day courses.

Custom Projects

Build a competitive edge with Evaluator Group’s market driver assessment and research to drive messaging that resonates with IT and business decision-makers. Then, use our independent, data-driven analysis with lab validation, financial modeling, and the expertise of our analysts to communicate the value to your audience.

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