Per-TB licensing changes behavior, impacts efficiency — Storage Soup Blog by Randy Kerns

By Randy Kerns, Monday, October 29th 2012

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Once again I’ve run into an information technology director faced with acquiring software for storage that was licensed on a per-terabyte basis. Like others I’ve talked to in that situation, he made his decision based on that charge and not by taking into full consideration what he needed. The cost-per-terabyte charge can be so large that it has an impact on efficient storage operations.

The cost-per-terabyte charge applied in storage varies depending on the product and the vendor. Vendors are not even consistent from product to product on the charges. A few of the different ways they are represented to their customers illustrate this frustrating point:

Per terabyte of managed capacity is a common charge for storage management software. Unfortunately, vendors definite managed capacity differently.

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