We are excited to announce the release of the new EvaluScale Comparison Matrices, a side-by-side information management product/vendor comparison tool with ratings on the top ten criteria for product selection. This new comparison tool provides additional value and functionality than the former Interactive Comparison Matrices.

The Evaluator Group “EvaluScale” assesses each product within a specific technology area. In each technology area, Evaluator Group defines the top 10 list of decision-making criteria and ranks the product as either “meets requirements”, “exceeds requirements” or is an “area for development” for each criterion.

Inside the EvaluScale table, Evaluator Group provides the criteria being assessed, a description of the criteria and requirements that the product should meet. It also shows if the product does or doesn’t meet/exceed the requirement. Evaluator Group explanation of why the product does or doesn’t meet/exceed a requirement is listed in each associated Product Brief found in the Evaluator Group online Research Library.

The EvaluScale Comparison Matrices provide more value and functionality than the former Interactive Comparison Matrices in the following ways:

  • No special software required for use
  • Easy-to-use Print/PDF feature
  • Combines side-by-side product comparison feature with EvaluScale product review methodology
  • No download required
  • Compare up to 5 different vendors/products

Click here to access the EvaluScale Comparison Matrices

interactive comparison matrix

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