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By , Thursday, May 24th 2018

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This is the fourth year I have hosted the SuperWomen in Flash, an event that recognizes and encourages the engagement of women in our industry. We have done this with a panel and social event.  This year we are adding the SuperWomen in Flash Leadership Award to highlight the coolest, most impactful woman on the FMS main stage.  The award is recognizing the woman who has contributed to the growth and success of our industry through leadership in technology or business.

I am hesitant to write a blog on this, as I think the amount of focus on diversity and all that it entails has reached a crescendo, and as a result some are turned off, others energized.  But I want to give some voice to this from someone (me) that, for the most part, never gave it much thought. I live and work in this industry of men, it just is.  But is it really?

I look around and see less women than I did in the past. Particularly the younger generation.  For me that says “we are not getting our fair share of the talent.”  Hmmm – I wonder if that has a long-term effect on our ability to invent?

I look around and see those women that are coming up through the ranks who seem to be mostly Asian (China, India and others)—and they are really, really good.  Hmmm — what happened to the others?  Whose influence is prevalent and caused this shift?

I’ve looked around and found some incredible female engineers and leaders in our industry… but I had to DIG and ask for help.  Hmmm – why are they so hidden?

So in a sense, I want to rectify this. No men bashing, no women’s power, but we are here (women) and we make an impact. This industry is cool, and there is technology innovation that needs to happen as we march into Hybrid Cloud, AI and Deep Learning technologies.  I would like to share the excitement of the changes we are creating in IoT, devices, how we seamlessly access information, how we protect and secure and enable the developers of the world to create the next generation.

And, I want the SuperWomen to be at the center.

So come and join us – Submit the most incredible SuperWoman you know for this Leadership Award.  Come and join us to encourage everyone’s engagement at the panel event on Tuesday.

Come and celebrate!

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