Join us on October 20th at 9:00am MST for our IT Insight Community Interactive Event “Trends in Primary Storage and the Impact” with Mitch Lewis.

Trends in Primary Storage and the Impact

Updates for storage systems may bring both functionality and technology updates.  Some updates are for competitive reasons, some because of technology transitions that force use of new components, and some are incorporation of technology such as new devices that expand the usage (and opportunity).  For primary storage systems updated in the past year, what are the most common updates and what is the impact for IT?

About Research Associate Mitch Lewis

Mitch joined Evaluator Group in 2019 as a Research Associate covering numerous storage technologies and emerging IT trends. With a passion for all things tech, Mitch brings deep technical knowledge and insight to Evaluator Group research by highlighting the latest in data center and information management solutions. Mitch’s coverage has spanned topics including primary and secondary storage, private and public clouds, networking fabrics, and more. With ever changing data technologies and rapidly emerging trends in today’s digital world, Mitch provides valuable insights into the IT landscape for enterprises, IT professionals, and technology enthusiasts alike.

Previously, Mitch worked as a consultant for enterprise SaaS applications with Oracle, and holds a BS in Computer Science from The University of Colorado, Boulder.

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