Join us on June 21st at 11:00am MST for our IT Insight Community Interactive Event on Interpreting Survey Data with Sr. Strategist Randy Kerns and Dr. Ed Halteman, CEO of Survey Design and Analysis.


The world of IT is filled with stats, numbers and exclamation marks!  We find you are often charged with responding to the statistics/survey/chart information to your senior management.  We are joined by Ed Halteman, CEO of Survey Design and Analysis and Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist at Evaluator Group to discuss how to discern good and credible from suspect data.  They will unlock what makes good questions, sample sizes and ultimately data that can be trusted for decision making using stellar examples and classic failures.

Dr. Halteman took his first survey design course in 1978. His experience designing and analyzing surveys spans more than 25 years and crosses disciplines in industry, government and education, including finance, quality, information technology, sales and marketing, opinion research, retail, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and more.  Dr. Halteman received his Ph.D. in Statistics from Colorado State University and holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics from Washington State University.

**Please note – this webinar is for IT Insight Community members only. To join, request access to the LinkedIn group here**

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