Interactive Economic Models

Evaluator Group creates models to determine best approaches for architectures and IT purchasing decisions. We model concepts comparing acquisition options, the value of implementing new technologies, archiving solutions and others. Two we are making public are:

Data Reduction Estimator: What storage efficiencies can you expect to see when you implement a Solid State Array with compression and deduplication?  The model allows you to adjust for the specific workloads and amount of data.

Flash Storage Economics: There is a shift in the lifecycle of  Solid State systems driven by the longer lifecycles of Solid State.  Thus the idea of de-coupling the lifecycle of an array controller from that of the media can make some sense when acquiring a system.  What is the impact?  What does it mean to keep solid state media in production for 5, 6 or even 7 years?  The model lets you compare the acquisition and upgrade strategies of these new systems.

Failure Cost Economics: This economic calculator shows the costs in administrative time to recover from a failure and the cost of an outage to the business when an impacting failure occurs. Additionally, the number of disk devices to be replaced is determined based on the total number and historical annual failure rates. This is not relevant for flash devices.

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