Converged vs. Hyperconverged vs. Software Defined Storage

Hyperconverged and Software Defined are the latest buzz terms, but do they fit your environment? Check out this video with Eric Slack, Sr. Analyst with Evaluator Group, who not only reviews Hyperconverged, Converged and Software Defined Storage technologies, but also explains which technology is the best fit for you, and why each helps address the specific challenges you’re faced with.

Evaluator Group offers free and premium research on Hyperconverged and Software Defined Storage and our expert team of analysts can help you make the important decision about which infrastructure is right for your organization. Get in touch today to see how Evaluator Group can help.

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Hyperconverged Evaluation Guide

The Evaluator Group Hyperconverged Infrastructure Evaluation Guide is part of a series of Evaluation Guides designed to help evaluate storage technology alternatives. These guides are for IT professionals seeking a neutral, objective discussion of the design considerations behind new products, technologies, and trends.

The Evaluator Group Evaluation Guide series are not vendor-sponsored and are free to download. They are developed based on our review of technology options and strategic analysis of how they can best be used in today’s information storage environments.


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Hyperconverged Product Selection Guide

The Hyperconverged Product Selection Guide is an editable document with the foundational requirements to help firm requirements for selection of a hyperconverged appliance.

This guide includes criteria on:

  • environment
  • operational
  • feature / function

It is designed to walk through typical requiremenbts listed in an RFP / RFQ / RFI.  If you have requirements that differ from the ones listed, you can easily add yours in.  The editable format allows customization to meet the needs of your own unique environment.

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