How NAB Provides Insight into Information Storage

By , Wednesday, April 5th 2023

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The News: NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters conference taking place in Las Vegas on April 15-19 is a showcase for all things related to broadcasting and video production. While not specifically identified with broadcasting and video, information storage is a crucial element for the industry and has a significant presence at NAB.

How NAB Provides Insight into Information Storage

Videos that are broadcast really exist as data – bits of information stored and managed on some equipment capable of maintaining the information and providing access. In the video industry, there are differing requirements for information depending on the circumstances in the workflow, commonly called use cases in Information Technology. For example, post-production editing requires high-performance access to video information usually stored as files on high-performance block storage. Broadcast usually begins with video data stored in a large repository, although it may be staged to a higher bandwidth system for transmission. Other variations lie between the high-performance access and the less costly repositories.

The amount of storage consumed by videos eclipses many of the business systems used by corporations in the broadcast industry. The scale (size) and growth are dramatic as the resolution technology improves (an example is moving from 4K to 8K), driving demand and cost. Another factor is the longevity. Video information is not transitory – it is kept for a very long time, if not forever.

This leads us to NAB and the storage industry. With requirements that continue to increase and the unending demand for the number of videos (information) to be stored, the broadcast industry is a major consumer of storage systems. Storage vendors are a big part of exhibitors at NAB. The opportunity attracts not only major vendors but many specialty ones as well, featuring a mix of offerings targeting a variety of use cases and parts of the workflow.

NAB is a great opportunity to meet with vendors, see what is new, and explore how the various challenges of the industry are being addressed. Not only are the storage systems part of the ecosystem but management and movement of information are critical elements and are represented as well. This is a major financial opportunity for companies in the storage industry.

For our work with clients across many industries, NAB is a major show where products and solutions can be discussed to obtain a greater understanding, helping us with comparisons and recommendations

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