From product strategy, to market awareness and communication our vendor clients rely on us for our smart, straight-forward analysis, competitive insight and professional IT experience. We design services to drive strategic decisions and execution of effective go-to-market plans.

Our Strategy. Findings. Insight. Action.

Findings – We know it is often difficult to find critical, competitive information and to distinguish between marketing and fact. Our in-depth reviews with our Global 1000 IT clients and our independent, technically informed approach provides accurate, comparative analysis and market trend identification.

Insight – Because understanding IT client behaviors and product capabilities is not enough, we translate and deliver relevant, market derived information for (to?) each of our vendor customers. We actively engage in messaging, proof point positioning and competitive reviews for a strategy that works.

Action – We believe it is our responsibility to help guide our Vendor customers with proactive recommendations and actions. We design deliverables that align with your markets and strategy.



  • Advisory Insight and Deep Dives – Tap into smart, independent analysis of markets and technology. Short quick inquires or deep dive sessions for technology reviews and strategy.
  • Message Testing – Is your message resonating? Is it hitting real pain points? Does the customer or channel partner get it? We will get you the right message for the right audience with the right language.
  • Education – The latest trends, technology and products. Classes are attended by vendors and IT End Users alike providing valuable exchange of products, interests and trends.
  • Economic Insights and Interactive Economic Modeling – Customer make decisions based on definable value. We develop TCO models comparing acquisition options, the value of implementing new technologies, archiving solutions and others. They are used for marketing communications and as sales tools. Two of our models are on the website: Data Reduction Estimator and Flash Storage Economics.
  • Lab and IOmark Testing – Evaluator Group provides in-depth lab validation and testing services for end users and vendors. Testing can be conducted in our lab in Boulder, CO or on-site at the client’s facility. The lab includes dual, quad, and Nehalem server configurations, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) testing facilities, as well as 10Gb Ethernet, 8 Gb Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and connectivity. Prove your value with independent lab testing, both benchmarks and capabilities.


  • Licensed Content – Our ESR reporting, including education guides and industry insights are available for distribution. Add in a product description to further customize.
  • Commission Reports – Want to educate the market on trending? Need to explain how technology works or highlight a use case? Our Analyst can recommend approaches that bring understanding to your markets.
  • Video Production – Professionally shot and edited with graphics to engage the viewer, our Analysts encapsulate the topic in a 2 -3-minute video.
  • Speaking Engagements – Strengthen your message. Our Analysts are available to speak at any private or public event.
  • Competitive Insight Services – Battlecards, sales sheets and custom win / loss interviews for the sales teams.
  • Custom classes – Designed for your group or clients and are available for one-half day to 3 days.

Contact Us for more information on our research, subscriptions, advisory services, or with any questions.