Evaluator Group’s Hot Topics for Storage

By , Thursday, January 29th 2015

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Evaluator Group’s Hot Topics for Storage
In February we are launching a webinar series on hot topics in the storage space.  Outside of our Advanced Storage Education classes, most of our work is 1:1 with our IT clients.  With the webinars, we are giving you a free opportunity to interface with our analyst team and dig into their knowledge.

The webinars will be on some of the latest topics that have been buzzing in the market, such as SDS.  Our goal is to take some of the confusion out of the buzz and provide actionable information for you to use in building your strategy.

The first webinars in the series are “Storage Virtualization and SDS- an Intimate Relationship” and “Storage for Big Data – It Is Way More Than JBODs and DAS.” On April 21, we are partnering with SNIA for a one day event on Solid State Systems. More information to come on that. To register for the webinars, visit the links above or the images below.

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SNIA is heavy into the standards and processes bringing new Solid State Systems and technology to the market.  Technology vendors have led the initiative as they look out to the years of NVM development.  Their latest technical working group (SSS Systems TWG) is focused on performance; they gather the best of the systems-vendors performance experts to help test and evaluate Solid State Systems.  Or, they take the mystery out of the Proof of Concept.

If you have other topics of interest for our webinar series, let me know by email  or on social media.  Of course, we hope you will come back for more and join our subscribers to dive deeper into your particular environment and strategize on what is best for you and your organization.


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