Research Studies

Evaluator Group Research Studies are designed to provide insight into changes in the market.  We use surveys and in-depth interviews with Enterprise IT to derive knowledge around adoption, barriers, use cases and technologies.  Below are current and planned releases. Please contact us for additional information.

Current and Future Studies

The Enterprise Hybrid Cloud—a Work in Progress

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 3.50.33 PMCloud computing is fundamentally shifting the way enterprises deliver information technology to business users. To better understand this shift and the current landscape, Evaluator Group conducted an incisive survey and in-depth interviews of enterprise administrators who now focus their IT management skills on hybrid cloud initiatives. From these data sources came an illuminating view of the advancement of cloud computing in the enterprise.

After compiling and analyzing this data, Evaluator Group released the research study, “The Enterprise Hybrid Cloud—a Work in Progress”. This report provides current insight into where enterprise IT end users are going, as well as their concerns and buying preferences. It also provides a window into the successes and failures of IT peer groups currently engaged in hybrid clouds. The report reviews a collection of the most significant solutions available from both vendors and the open source community.

Click here to download the study overview and full Table of Contents.


Hyperconverged Infrastructure in the Enterprise

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 9.27.56 AMHyperconverged Infrastructures (HCIs) have enjoyed significant success over the past several years, partly building on the appeal of Converged Infrastructure (CI) solutions. Like CIs, they shorten the timeframe and reduce the effort required to deploy new infrastructures. As HCI technologies mature, their adoption is being seen in more enterprise-level companies and in more critical use cases.

After compiling and analyzing data from survey and interviews, Evaluator Group announced the worldwide release of the research study, “Hyperconverged Infrastructure in the Enterprise”. This report provides current insight into how enterprise IT end users view this technology, as well as their concerns with adopting HCIs and current buying preferences. It also gives a detailed look into the use cases for HCIs. This report provides substantial background information on the HCI products included in this study, vendors and other ecosystem players, plus market drivers and barriers.

Click here to download the study overview and full Table of Content.

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