Estimating required storage capacity proves tricky — Storage Soup Blog by Randy Kerns

By Randy Kerns, Monday, October 8th 2012

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Buying storage is an ongoing process that may be periodic in some environments and seemingly continuous in others. There are several primary reasons given for storage purchases:

  • New application deployments that require storing significant amounts of data.
  • Performance or features are required on storage systems to optimize environments such as server virtualization.
  • A technology transition is necessary to replace systems that have reached the end of their economic life.
  • Additional capacity is required to handle the demand to store more information.

A common decision point in purchasing storage for all of these reasons is how much capacity to buy. There may be different types or classes of storage that segment the purchase, but the question of how much remains.  Finding the answer to this is more complicated than it seems.  It starts with evaluating the requirements.

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