Don’t Turn Data Archiving into Hoarding — Storage Soup Blog by Randy Kerns

By , Tuesday, May 31st 2011

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Archiving has the potential to change individual behavior, depending on how it is implemented and introduced to data owners. An archiving system can prompt data owners to alter the way they handle their data, and this could unintentionally circumvent the reasons for the archiving system.

To illustrate this, let’s take a real example from a company that will not be identified here, and a specific user in that company. The company instituted a new policy that data stored on primary storage systems would be archived if it had not been accessed in six months. After the data is moved, the user would have to submit a request form to access it. There was no time guarantee for the restoration, but the first retrieval for others had taken two weeks. This included the time it took to process the request and retrieve the data. (The “processing” of the request was suspected to be the time consuming area here).

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