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Violin Extreme Performance Storage Platform – Product Analysis

Last updated October 3rd, 2018 for new model XVS 8 and name change of product. 15-page deep dive into the architecture and capabilities of Violin Memory All Flash Array. Download the full Product Analysis now!

Violin Extreme Performance Storage (XVS) Platform is the name of the all flash storage offerings from Violin Memory. The most recent model is XPS 8 representing the 8th generation. Still offered are the previous generation Violin 7000 Flash Storage Platforms. The Violin systems have integrated advanced enterprise features including data reduction, replication, and stretched clusters. Earlier Violin models used a separate controller for advanced features.

Violin systems have a custom hardware design with RAID controller modules, array controller modules, memory gateways, and flash modules. In addition to the flash memory, Violin uses DRAM for metadata to speed access and reduce wear for updating.

A full complement of advanced features are available for Violin systems, including snapshots, synchronous and asynchronous replication, encryption, and data reduction of compression and deduplication that is selectable by LUN. As a high availability system, Violin systems include redundancy in controller modules, non-disruptive upgrades and RAID protection across the flash modules.

The XVS 8 is targeted at the highest performance requirements such as tier 0 and tier 1 usages. Improvements over the earlier 7000 systems include selectable by LUN deduplication, NVMeoF with Fibre Channel using 32 Gb/s interfaces, and a SaaS offering for predictive storage analytics.

Violin continues to offer the 7300, 7450, 7650, and 7700 systems, which are targeted at different usages for all flash arrays from entry level to consolidation of storage workloads. Variations include capacity and performance capabilities as well as system-level features such as synchronous replication and deduplication. XPS 8, which includes a name change, is targeted at the highest performance needs with the lowest latency.

Violin Extreme Performance Storage Platforms come with the advanced features integrated with the ConcertoOS software.

Violin Extreme Performance Storage Platform Product Analysis Includes:

  • Highlights
  • Overview of System
  • Product Architecture – Hardware and Software
  • Advanced features and functions
  • RAS features
  • Performance
  • Evaluator Group commentary

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