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VAST Data Universal Storage – Product Analysis

Last updated April 6th, 2021 for info on Gemini software only model. In-depth 13-page overview of VAST Data Universal Storage. Includes hardware/software architecture, performance and more. Download now!

The VAST Data Universal Storage sytem is a high performance, highly scalable solution for file and object storage. Founded in 2016, VAST has created a unique storage offering built around the use of modern datacenter technologies such as 3D XPoint, QLC flash, and NVMeOF.

The concept driving the solution is what VAST Data refers to as “Universal Storage”, meaning a single platform to address a variety of storage needs within a single tier. The idea for the Universal Storage system is to simultaneously achieve the performance, scalability, and economics necessary to consolidate the needs of all flash NAS arrays, object storage, backup systems, and archival strategies within a single solution. To achieve this goal, VAST has designed a system that implements many of the latest storage technologies, and has created a unique architecture in order to do so. This distinguishes VAST from many other solutions using more traditional technologies and architectures in which data is often tiered between SSDs and HDDs and in some instances the cloud or tape for long term archival.

The VAST Data Universal Storage system is a high end NAS solution that is capable of large, scale out implementations. Use cases for the system include high performance computing, media and entertainment, and financial services. Competitors of this solution include other high end NAS solutions such as Dell EMC PowerScale(Isilon), IBM ESS, and NetApp AFF, as well as scale out file systems including Qumulo, BeeGFS, Panasas, and WekaIO.


VAST Data Universal Storage Product Analysis Includes: 

  • Highlights
  • Overview
  • Hardware Architecture
  • Software Architecture
  • Advanced Features and Functionality
  • Reliability, Availability, Serviceability
  • Evaluator Group Comments

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