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Trends in Enterprise Data Protection – Research Study

Last updated September 23rd, 2019 for minor updates. This research study examines how enterprises are adopting data protection solutions and changing current solutions to address challenges. Download now!

Evaluator Group views a well-executed data protection strategy as one that uses a number of interrelated activities, including point-in-time copies, backups, disaster recovery (DR), archive, and data management. We wanted to understand how enterprise information technology (IT) organizations are using these activities to achieve their data protection goals. As a result, this research covers data protection from a multi-dimensional perspective.

The research presented in this report focuses on various operational aspects of data protection solutions, including backup, DR, and archive, as well as the role the public cloud plays in these activities. Several technology and business implications are considered, and the evolution of data protection into the broader role of enterprise data management (EDM) is introduced.

In general, Evaluator Group concluded that respondents in the study are making their data protection strategies and solutions work for their organizations. Many are operating with inherited data protection environments and, therefore, are re-evaluating their data protection strategies. More than half say that IT initiatives around data protection will be more important in the next two years, while budgets and staffing show little change.

This research report presents our findings for the benefit of enterprise IT users and the vendors that support them. For users, Evaluator Group shares the thoughts of their peers and looks at the trends over the next 12 to 24 months. For vendors, this report provides insight into customer requirements and solution trends.

High-Level Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Research Methodology and Objectives
  • Research Findings
  • Current Data Protection Environments
  • Data Protection Initiatives
  • Backup Trends
  • Disaster Recovery Trends
  • Archiving Trends
  • Public Cloud Data Protection Trends
  • Enterprise Data Management Directions
  • Technology Options and Business Implications
  • Recommendations for Enterprise IT Users
  • Opportunities for Vendors
  • Summary and Conclusion

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