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Lab Insight: UCP Pro for VMware vSphere

Lab Insight for Hitachi UCP Pro for VMware vSphere published April 15th, 2013. Download the free report now!

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform

Test Validation UCP Pro for VMware vSphere

Server virtualization has become a common part of today’s IT datacenters.  One of the major benefits of server virtualization is the ability to consolidate hundreds to thousands of virtualized servers in a few physical servers into a single virtual infrastructure.  This consolidation can significantly reduce IT related CAPEX and OPEX.  The rapid deployment of virtualized infrastructures has been maturing and growing in size which has made infrastructure management more complex.  Hitachi Data Systems recently introduced a converged solution to not only simplify the deployment of a virtual infrastructure but also simplify the management of that infrastructure.

Converged infrastructure solutions can reduce OPEX by minimizing an administrator’s time with provisioning resources, managing, monitoring and troubleshooting the datacenter infrastructure with centralized management.  In turn, this will minimize system downtime therefore reducing the impact on SLAs.  These types of converged solutions are good for rapid deployment of private cloud environments with the necessary security built in.

Evaluator Group assessed the UCP Pro for VMware vSphere hardware architecture and software systems management in December 2012.  We reviewed the UCP Director software integrated within VMware vCenter and validated its functionality.

UCP Pro for VMware VSphere Lab Insight Includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Enterprise System Management Challenges with Virtual Infrastructures
  • Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Overview
  • Validation Overview & Objectives
  • Evaluation Findings
  • Evaluation Summary
  • References

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