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Lab Insight: Test Validation: Evaluation of Application based Intelligent Caching

Published August 10, 2015. Download the PrimaryIO APA performance test validation. Download the free report now!

Test Validation: Evaluation of Application based Intelligent Caching

Ensuring that critical applications perform well is a significant consideration for IT organizations of all sizes.  In choosing the best approach for application optimization, there are several considerations.  A key aspect is the cost effectiveness of the solution, as well as ease of implementation and use.  The ability to deploy new technologies with minimal disruption to existing systems and procedures is also a critical factor, and is helpful in enabling rapid deployment.

Until recently, solid-state storage systems had not been adopted rapidly, due in part to the high cost along with the potential for disruptions.  With improving economics of solid-state, many organizations are now re-evaluating their storage needs and exploring ways to either increase their existing use of solid-state or deploy these technologies for the first time.

Evaluator Group was asked to analyze the effects of deploying the PrimaryIO APA product.  This software utilizes host-based solid-state media to deploy a read and write cache for specific applications.  In this lab evaluation, Evaluator Group measured the performance of two database applications, first without PrimaryIO APA and then again after adding APA.

This  test validation report documents the tests utilized, the system configurations, and the performance results of using APA for two common applications, MySQL in a Linux environment and SQL Server running on a Windows 2012 server.


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