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Lab Insight: Test Validation: Tintri Storage Performance in Virtual Environments

Published September 12th, 2016. Test Validation Report on Tintri storage performance in virtual environments. Download now to read the full report.

Virtualization technologies, including hypervisors and containers, are now the default method used to deliver IT infrastructure in both enterprise and private cloud environments. While virtualization provides a technical foundation for these environments, it is imperative that the infrastructure also delivers the operational benefits necessary for businesses to run smoothly. There are many aspects to efficiency, including performance and economic measures, along with operational elements.

One challenge has been managing resources within a virtual infrastructure, while maintaining insight into the application. Storage in particular has been an issue, with storage using logical volumes that do not map to virtual machines or their applications. IT administrators need visibility into resources in order to optimize application performance while minimizing consumption. Without visibility into utilization on a VM level, application management breaks down. This can have significant impact on application performance and efficiency, and the economics of the data center.

In this paper, we examine the performance and economic benefits of a storage system designed for virtual server and cloud environments. Traditional storage management is focused on managing storage resource capacity and allocating those resources to multiple hosts. Performance, analytics and optimization of individual virtual machines or virtualized applications are typically outside the realm of storage management, particularly in cloud and heavily virtualized environments.

This evaluation of Tintri Storage focuses on two areas: 1) virtual application performance and 2) overall infrastructure efficiency and ease of use. Storage in virtual environments is one of the critical components that determines the application economics and performance, and has implications for management efficiency.

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Download now to read the full report.

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