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Technical Insight: VMware vSphere + vSAN – An HCI Platform for Mid-Market Companies

Published July 10th, 2020. In this free technical insight report, we discuss how VMware HCI addresses the needs of the mid-market data center and multi-cloud environments. Download now!

A discussion on how VMware HCI addresses the requirements of the mid-market data center today and the coming needs of a hybrid, multi-cloud environment

Most mid-market organizations have virtualized their server environments, usually with VMware. The benefits of consolidating physical servers onto a pair of hosts are well known, as are the advantages of consolidating storage onto a network-attached array. But there are significant benefits to virtualizing storage in conjunction with virtualizing servers to create a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). This technology has been widely adopted and continues to grow as enterprises and mid-size companies address the current need to consolidate, moving applications from bare-metal servers to VMs and moving data from SAN-based arrays to an HCI cluster.

This paper will discuss how VMware’s HCI solution makes sense as an infrastructure that can better handle those current needs of mid-market companies, particularly when compared with traditional storage solutions, but can also provide a platform to support the changes these companies face, moving forward. To that end, VMware vSAN can lay the foundation in the corporate data center for IT to undergo a digital transformation and embrace a cloud-native, hybrid and multi-cloud environment.


  • vSAN addresses the Current Needs of the midmarket with a storage platform that is integrated into the hypervisor and leverages existing VMware investments and ecosystem
  • vSAN addresses the Future Needs of the midmarket. Combined with vSphere 7 and NSX, vSAN is the only HCI solution offering full Kubernetes support and a path to a software- defined hybrid cloud, either on-prem or off-prem with VMware Cloud Foundation
  • vSAN is the number one HCI solution in the market today, based on Evaluator Group HCI Study 1
  • HCI has become the standard compute platform, one that can support almost any use case from VDI to databases, hybrid cloud and infrastructure consolidation.

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