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Technical Insight: Switching to Oracle Linux – a Total Value Analysis

Published July 10th, 2020. In this free Technical Insight report, John Webster reviews the features and functionality of Oracle Linux. Download this free report now!

Linux is now a foundational operating system for enterprise IT organizations. Linux allows them to deploy a secure, full-featured, cloud native-compatible and production class operating system that is based on open source development processes. In fact, according to the Linux Foundation, Linux is the primary platform for building the cloud and is experiencing continual year-over-year growth. One reason this is the case is that a majority of enterprise IT organizations feel that Linux is more secure than most other operating systems.

Presently, enterprises have choices when it comes to acquiring Linux and related support services, the most common of these being Red Hat with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). However, many enterprises, and especially Oracle database and application users, are now leveraging and in many cases consolidating, all of their Linux-based applications to Oracle Linux. This move simplifies their overall Linux application environment, increases security, while further reducing costs associated with a Linux operational and cloud-consistent environment. We have heard Oracle Linux users refer to this trend as a “One Linux” strategy.

Here we review Oracle Linux which is free to download, use, and redistribute without a support contract.  We highlight its features and compatibility with the Linux standard. We then look at the features and competency of Oracle Linux support which is available on a yearly subscription basis. We further illuminate our research with the perceptions of Oracle Linux users. These users have all had experience with moving applications from RHEL to Oracle Linux and use Oracle Linux support. Among the benefits derived from the switch were:

  • Increased application performance
  • A reduction in annual OS support costs
  • Increased operational automation leading to faster deployment of new IT resources
  • Reductions in staff time required to manage and support large Linux server farms

We study these and other economic factors that are allowing these users to reduce cost for their Linux operating environments.

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