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Technical Insight: Flexible Storage for Diverse Workloads – Evaluating Next Generation Lenovo Storage V Series

Published June 3rd, 2016. John Webster, Senior Analyst, evaluates next generation Lenovo Storage V Series. Download now to read the full report.

by John Webster

Flexible Storage for Diverse Workloads

With increasing demands for greater capacity and faster storage systems, enterprises look for solutions that meet their needs for supporting differing workloads in their environments. Additionally, there is variation in the need for advanced capabilities such as data protection and high availability with business continuity. What is common is that these enterprises want a flexible solution for storing and managing information that has the characteristics to fulfill the workload requirements. The advanced functions that are required for many workloads and environments are usually only available in higher end storage systems. To meet a variety of business objectives with storage systems that have advanced functions can be a challenge. A new generation of storage systems are bringing the functions needed to meet diverse workload requirements.

The storage solution must be able to scale to meet the predicted increase in workload and handle additional workloads expected to be introduced. The scaling includes not only addressing the additional capacity needs but also commensurate requirements around performance and connectivity. The enterprise features required are capabilities needed in operations for protection, availability, manageability, and business continuity. These capabilities all can be traced to economics of storing and managing information, either directly from operation improvements or impacts from interruptions that may occur without them.

Because of advanced enterprise feature differences, storage systems have historically been separated as to the applicability to different sizes of enterprise environments. Because of the need to meet workload demands with the most flexible solution, storage systems are evaluated on their capabilities including needed advanced features rather than using an historical categorization to determine the best solution. Here we will relate the evaluation of the Lenovo Storage V Series to enterprise environments with features and performance to meet a diverse set of workloads. In this document, we look more closely at system characteristics and advanced implementation of virtualizing underlying storage technology to explain use of the system to meet demands for differing workloads. Lenovo Storage V Series, which leverages IBM’s Spectrum Virtualize capabilities, is a mature virtualized storage system that offers a wide range of advanced features without the risks associated with new technology.

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