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Technical Insight: Multi-Cloud Data Management Fundamentals

Published June 3rd, 2020. In this free report, Krista Macomber, Sr. Analyst, discusses the fundamentals of Multi-Cloud Data Management and why IT organizations are adopting this technology. Download the free Technical Insight report now!

Evaluator Group recently launched research covering Multi-Cloud Data Management products. The multi-cloud data management space spans six core Functional Areas: visibility, storage optimization, data protection, data availability, compliance and security, and archive. Addressing these functional areas is a challenge for enterprise IT professionals as their organizations adopt multi-cloud approaches, due primarily to the inherently complex and siloed nature of multi-cloud environments. Multi-cloud data management products – some new and many, such as backup software, already existing in enterprise IT environments – are useful in addressing required capabilities such as centralized search and dashboarding, business continuity, and data governance, protection, and optimization. Rather than turning to a single product, enterprises are typically using multiple products from multiple vendors to meet their needs. This document distills Evaluator Group’s vendor coverage alongside insights gained from engagement with IT professionals and our Trends in Multi-Cloud Data Management study, into a series of common use cases and key items for IT professionals to consider.

Why Multi-Cloud Data Management?

Cross-Cloud Mobility

Most enterprises have hit a stage in adoption of cloud resources in which they are working with more than one cloud provider. Data needs to be mobile across these environments for a number of reasons (we explore business continuity, cost-optimized long-term retention, and compliance in more detail in this asset). However, vendors’ incompatible environments and expensive egress fees make cross-cloud data mobility a pipe dream for enterprise IT without the proper toolset. In fact, in Evaluator Groupstudy, cloud migration software was most often noted as a tool lacking from multi-cloud implementations today, being selected by nearly 60% of respondents. Evaluator Group expects this area to remain top-of-mind for enterprise IT and for vendor innovation alike over the next 12-18 months…

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