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Technical Insight: IBM Storage Insights – Transforming How Storage is Managed

Published May 8th, 2018. In this free Technical Insight report, Randy Kerns, Sr. Strategist, provides an insightful overview on the IBM Storage Insights product. Includes overview, potential operational gains and Evaluator Group's assessment.

Storage management and support in enterprises has undergone a major transformation with cloud-based analytics for storage systems. IBM Storage Insights is the solution that collects and analyzes telemetry data from storage systems enabling proactive product support and providing storage resource management functions. Operating as a cloud-based service, IBM Storage Insights greatly simplifies the tasks of managing resources where valuable information is stored.

Simplifying the way storage is managed and supported allows administrators to focus on other areas in Information Technology, improving the overall operations and productivity. The change to use telemetry data and cloud-based analysis software advances storage technology. The functionality that IBM Storage Insights delivers for enterprises to simplify management and support of storage comes in three key areas:

  • Analytics applied to enhance resiliency of storage – proactive maintenance to address potential issues before there is an impact with an ongoing dashboard of storage system health and overall status,
  • Storage resource management functions as a service where capacity and performance reporting and planning is a simple, dashboard driven operation,
  • Streamlined support to eliminate the escalation process and proceed directly to specialists with full set of support information.

The availability of IBM Storage Insights is a technology advancement for customers that will improve overall operations. Enabled by collection of selected storage system data locally and transmission to IBM Cloud for analytics, administrators have to spend less time performing specialized investigation, data collection, and use of complicated analysis and resource management software to deliver the required level of storage management needed for enterprises.

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