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Technical Insight: Evaluator Group Audit of R-Score™ – Ransomware Recovery

Published January 4th, 2022. In this free Technical Insight report, Sr. Analyst Randy Kerns provides an overview and audit of HYCU's R-Score™. Download now!

R-Score™ is short for Ransomware Recoverability Readiness Score.  It is a measurement system developed by HYCU and partners that assesses an organization’s preparedness for recovering from ransomware using data from their data protection (backup and Disaster Recovery solution) software.  The scoring looks at major aspects of recoverability in five areas and uses responses to a set of questions to create a “score” that reflects the ability to recover from a ransomware attack.  Recovery from ransomware in this case is focused on returning to operation by restoring data that had been protected. In addition to being the basis for scoring, responses to questions are also used to provide recommendations and suggestions for improving readiness, resulting in an improved score.

Preparedness as represented by R-Score™ is about doing tasks and setting up the environment to enable the recovery of data.  The resulting score is relative to individual improvements made on site and to participating organizations.

The website version of R-Score™ gives an initial rating of the readiness with a set of questions.  This rating can be used for a simple comparative.  A more comprehensive R-Score™ assessment dives deeper into the five areas and provides informative narratives on the questions and explanations regarding best practices for a particular area.  This assessment is done with a HYCU Specialist or a certified partner in the area.  HYCU developed the assessment tool and also provides an assessment engagement for IT personnel.

Evaluator Group was engaged by HYCU to do an audit of R-Score™, investigating the questions and scoring to determine whether the Ransomware Recoverability Readiness accurately reflects recoverability and has the integrity required to be an independent assessment without specific vendor promotion or skew.  This paper is the result of detailed examination of questions and the scoring methodology with the background of expertise for recovery based on Evaluator Group’s work with IT organizations in both strategy and actual recovery.

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