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Technical Insight: Defining Requirements for Modern Tier One Arrays

Updated October 7, 2014. Technical Insight paper on clarifying the definition of modern Tier One storage architecture. Download the free report now!

Full Summary

A rapid influx of new application requirements and IT architectural options like virtualization and hybrid cloud is now putting pressure on traditional Tier One storage arrays commonly used to support critical production workloads in the enterprise datacenter. This is forcing enterprise datacenter administrators to change their view of what defined a modern Tier One storage architecture.

During the past few years, the storage industry has seen an unprecedented number of new technologies proceed from early emergence to mainstream usage in enterprise data centers. The latest of these has been solid state devices that offer significant performance gains. These technologies are being combined in different ways resulting in storage systems that differ greatly in performance, capacity and cost, and this trend is now having an impact on how users are writing RFPs for new arrays.

It is generally the case that enterprise storage environments now contain a variety of storage systems for differing use cases including high performance and availability for critical applications, and high capacity for data protection and retention. In this Evaluator Group Technology Insight we focus on the attributes of modern Tier One enterprise storage that could be considered when writing an RFP for new arrays. We briefly outline the differences between modern Tier One and traditional Tier One storage and review HP 3PAR StoreServ in light of these differences. We will define Tier One storage in more detail as well as other storage platform tiers in later Technology Insights.

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