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Technical Insight: Container-Native Storage Vendor Landscape

Published May 25th, 2021. In this free Technical Insight report, we provide an overview and commentary on the container-native storage vendor landscape. Download this Technical Insight report now!

Container-Native Storage (CNS) is a type of Software Defined Storage that runs in a container on nodes of a Kubernetes cluster. CNS virtualizes physical storage devices on each node to create a shared pool of capacity that all containers running on the nodes of a Kubernetes cluster can use. CNS turns a Kubernetes cluster into a scalable infrastructure that provides persistent storage.

The following products allow the transfer of container pods between Kubernetes clusters on-premises and in the public cloud, and between multiple clouds. This is different than SAN-attached or direct-attached storage systems that use a container storage interface (CSI) driver that make their features and capacity available to containers but do not integrate with Kubernetes. CNS products include storage services such as snapshots, deduplication, compression, thin provisioning, replication, encryption, quality of service, etc.

This document provides a snapshot of the products in the CNS market today. You can find more technical detail in the Evaluator Group’s Comparison Matrix.  Additional context is available in Evaluator Group’s CNS Fundamentals and CNS Key Considerations Technical Insights documents.

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