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Technical Insight: Combatting Ransomware with Primary Storage

Published March 23rd, 2022. In this free Technical Insight report, Sr. Analyst Krista Macomber discusses why ransomware resiliency should be addressed in the primary storage environment itself. Download the free report now!


It is no secret that ransomware attacks are continuing to rise in count and become more severe in of their impact to enterprises. Evaluator Group sees customers investing in order to respond to this threat; in our Ransomware Pulse Survey 2021, 87% of respondents indicated that they plan to spend, or have budgeted to spend, money on technologies for ransomware protection and prevention over the next 12 months. Specifically, we see customers spending on data protection technologies, in order to ensure their ability to recover. In our study, 56% of respondents indicated having spent money on data protection over the preceding 12 months due to the rise in ransomware attacks.

While in some instances it may be possible to recover from ransomware using backups, backups are not the bulletproof, end-all be-all insurance policy they are often positioned as. Attackers understand that, if the customer can recover, they do not need to pay the ransom, so they have modified their approach to target the backup environment. Additionally, recovering from backups comes with some tradeoffs; it takes time to locate the last known good copy, it takes time to execute the recovery, and the backup copy might result in data loss by not offering a suitable recovery point. For these reasons, ransomware resiliency also should be addressed in the primary storage environment itself.

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