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Veritas NetBackup Appliance – Product Brief

Last updated August 26th, 2019 for updates to EvaluScale table. Concise 5-page overview of data protection offering Verirtas NetBackup Appliance. Covers usage, potential, and potential strengths/weaknesses.

Veritas offers its enterprise backup and recovery software, NetBackup, pre-installed and configured on industry standard hardware as Veritas NetBackup Appliance. First launched in 2010, these all-in-one solutions include multiple hardware and software components of a NetBackup environment integrated together for use as a Purpose Built Backup Appliance (PBBA). The goal is to streamline the acquisition, installation, operation, management and support of a NetBackup data protection solution.

Three models are available to meet the requirements IT organizations including the midrange 5240 and the high-end 5330 and 5340 systems. The 5330 and 5340 also support an HA configuration that improves both system availability and performance with an active/active approach. The Veritas NetBackup Appliances are expandable with storage shelves for additional capacity. Customers have the option of drive sizes and quantities for each expansion shelf purchased for flexible capacity scaling. A virtual appliance is available to deliver data protection to sites like remote offices without the need for physical hardware. In addition to simplifying deployment for new Veritas prospects, these appliances allow existing Veritas customers to easily expand or refresh their NetBackup environments without disrupting current operations.

Veritas NetBackup Appliances can be deployed as a master server, a media server or both in a NetBackup domain and will protect both physical and virtual resources. Appliances may be geographically dispersed to meet distributed disaster recovery requirements. NetBackup supports flexible data deduplication, either at the client side (source) or in the appliance (target) and can be executed inline or as a post process. All activities downstream (such as replication) use the deduped data without first having to hydrate. Encryption can secure both data in-flight and at-rest backup data. Encryption may be configured for source or target deduplication.

Veritas CloudCatalyst capabilities sends deduplicated data to the public cloud for long term retention of backups. Integrated cloud connectors are available for all popular public clouds.

Veritas NetBackup Appliance Product Brief includes:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage and Deployment
  • EvaluScale Reviewing Methodology
  • Evaluator Group’s Opinion
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