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Strategy Considerations for 2016

Published January 8th, 2016. Free White Paper on data storage strategy considerations for 2016. White Paper by Randy Kerns.

White Paper by Randy Kerns.

There are many ‘trends’ for the next year that are usually defined by vendors and their promoters in information technology, but the reality is that in almost all cases, trends are really just a continuum – evolution of what is in progress already. In addition, for storage technology change occurs relatively slowly because of the high stakes. Information is the lifeblood of organizations and they avoid putting it at risk with unproven technology or products. Proving a technology with deployments leads the progression of incorporating technology into storage strategies by organizations.

Given Evaluator Group’s unique position in working with IT clients, resellers, and vendors, we can provide insight into the storage technology evolution necessary to consider in strategies for 2016. These are strategic because they provide value both in the ability to address needs for storing and managing information and continue progress in improving economics and delivering services.

There can be many detail developments discussed, but here, the focus will be on the major considerations for strategic developments.

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