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Storage Virtualization Evaluation Guide

Last updated June 18th, 2019 for minor corrections. 19-page Evaluation Guide to assist buyers when making a Storage Virtualization technology decision.

Evaluation Guide Overview

Evaluator Group’s Storage Virtualization and Software Defined Storage Evaluation Guide is part of a series of guides designed to help IT professionals evaluate storage technology alternatives.  This Evaluation Guide and the accompanying workbook are designed to assist potential buyers understand the options and products available and to help match requirements to the available technology choices.  A list of the features covered in the workbook is also listed in the Evaluation guide.

What sets Evaluator Group’s Evaluation Guide series apart from other analyst firms or vendor sponsored whitepapers is the lack of vendor bias.  Our Evaluation Guides are not sponsored by vendors and are written for IT managers seeking a vendor neutral discussion of the design considerations behind new products, technologies, and trends.

What is Software Defined Storage and Storage Virtualization

With the successes of server virtualization, storage virtualization is once again popular.  Storage administrators understand that it can make sense to couple virtualized storage with a virtualized server instance.  However, there are many issues to consider before plunging into a storage virtualization deployment.  Software Defined Storage is colluded with Storage Virtualization by some vendors and can provide similar function albeit there are many different definitions for Software Defined Storage. This guide serves as an overview of the technology, the choices and is accompanied by a workbook detailing the specific features of the options available.

At its most basic level, virtualization is a mapping of resources. Memory was one of the first resources to become virtualized on computer systems, followed later by storage.  Virtualization also helps to provide a higher level of control by allowing complicated processes or devices be managed by a few relatively simple interfaces.  For this reason, virtualization is a very powerful tool that has been exploited by the IT industry for several decades.


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