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NetApp SolidFire – Product Analysis

Last updated December 6th, 2018 for general updates. 12-page deep dive into the architecture and functionality of SolidFire's solid state offering. Download the full Product Analysis now!

SolidFire is a start-up company with its first product offering as an all solid state scale out, shared-nothing architecture, targeted at cloud service provider and enterprise environments. The SolidFire platform scales from a minimum of 4 nodes to 100 nodes in a cluster and has the ability to guarantee consistent performance to every application through Quality of Service control is a key feature implemented by SolidFire.

Three models of SolidFire nodes vary in the size of the SSDs installed, the amount of DRAM for read cache and processing cores. Write cache of 8GB NVRAM is the same across all models. SolidFire supports both iSCSI and Fibre Channel protocols. For iSCSI, two 10GigE interfaces are used for host connection between nodes.

SolidFire systems compete against HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 All-Flash Storage, EMC VNX F7000, NetApp EF560, IBM FlashSystem, EMC XtremIO, Violin Systems, Hitachi HUSVM (populated with all SSDs), and other leading all solid state systems.

 SolidFire Product Analysis includes:

  • Highlights
  • Overview
  • Product architecture
  • Advanced features and functions
  • RAS features
  • Evaluator Group commentary

Download the full Product Analysis now!

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