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SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor – Product Brief

Last updated September 9th, 2019 for additions to the EvaluScale table. Concise 4 page report on usage cases, potential, and strengths/weaknesses of SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor. Download the full Product Brief now!

SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor is a storage resource management solution that comes from the original TekTools Storage Profiler.  An independent software vendor product that covers a very wide range for storage systems, Fibre Channel switches, and host bus adapters, Storage Manager has detailed performance monitoring and reporting in addition to the resource monitoring and reporting expected from SRM software. The independence allows SolarWinds to present a consistent management view across heterogeneous systems in the storage environment.

SolarWinds offers Storage Resource Monitor with a graphical interface for even the casual administrator to understand the storage environment and troubleshoot problem.  The major value points include:

  • Storage performance monitoring and reporting with dashboards and problem isolation
  • Capacity management with reporting and trending information
  • File system analysis for detailed file information and data classification with a policy engine for actions based on file information. File information includes data such as age, access history, types of data.  A reporting engine specifically for file information is used as the output for the analysis.
  • Physical to virtual mapping to provide detailed information for virtual environments
  • Detail LUN views to understand physical device through application and VM usage and identify issues
  • Fibre Channel switch management and heterogeneous storage system monitoring

Discovery is accomplished with agents on servers and through various forms of support for the SMI-S industry standard to collect information from storage systems, switches, and host bus adapters.  Communication with element managers can also be used for detailed information.

SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor Product Brief Includes:

  • Introduction
  • Highlights
  • Usage
  • EvaluScale Product Review Methodology
  • Evaluator Group Opinion

Download the full Product Brief now!

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