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Scality RING Organic Storage – Product Analysis

Last updated December 13th, 2021 for end of year updates. An in-depth 14 page report on the features and performance of the Scality RING. Download the full Product Analysis now!

Scality RING is software that implements an object storage system and is delivered by OEMs and partners usually as a complete system. Paris-based Scality developed the software and brought it to market initially with direct sales and most recently with an OEM arrangement with HPE. As an early entrant into the object storage space, Scality has continued to add capabilities and mature the RING software.
S3, Swift, and a custom REST protocol are supported for object access. In addition, Scality RING includes file system software called Scale Out File System (SOFS) on every node supporting file access. File access protocols include NFSv4, CIFS/SMB 2.0 (SAMBA), FUSE, FTP, and HDFS. Block access is supported in OpenStack environments with a Cinder driver.
Scality has focused the RING system as having a broad set of usages, evidenced by the different access methods supported. Customer usages have been in a broad area, primarily for object storage.
The capabilities expected of object storage including seamless scaling, geo-dispersion, multi-site remote replication, and transparent node updating and addition are all present.
Key competitors include IBM Cloud Object Storage, Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage, Cloudian HyperStore, DDN WOS, and PureStorage FlashBlade.

Product Analysis Includes: 

  • Highlights
  • Overview
  • Product Architecture
  • Software Architecture
  • Consistency
  • Data Protection
  • Advanced Features
  • File Access
  • Reliability, Availability and Serviceability
  • Evaluator Group’s Comments

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