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SanDisk InfiniFlash IF150 – Product Brief

Published September 30th, 2016. Concise 4-page report exploring the deployments, usage, highlights and strengths of SanDisk InfiniFlash IF150. Download the full brief now.

SanDisk’s InfiniFlash IF150 is a 3U, rack-mounted chassis designed to provide high-density all-flash storage capacity for Open Storage Platform deployments such as Big Data, Cloud, Database and Virtualization use cases.

The IF150 can hold up to 64 x 8TB InfiniFlash cards, for a total of 512TB raw and 490TB usable capacity. Users can also purchase the IF150 partially full and add flash cards to increase capacity. Each chassis provides 8 SFF-8088 12Gb/s SAS 3.0 connectors for up to 8 host servers.

The IF150 provides up to 12GBps of throughput (8 x 12Gb/s SAS connectors) and up to 2 Million raw IOPS with less than 1ms latency. Up to twelve IF150 chassis can be connected to provide 6PB of raw capacity in a single rack. According to the manufacturer, InfiniFlash hardware starts at less than $2/GB (calculated without deduplication or compression). InfiniFlash IF150 includes development libraries and a Software Developers Kit.

SanDisk also sells the IF550, an IF150 chassis with OpenStack Ceph software installed on a companion server. SanDisk partners with Nexenta and Supermicro to create a reference architecture featuring NexentaStor scale-up storage software. Tegile sells the InfiniFlash IF150 as a capacity extension to their IntelliFlash T-Series storage systems and IBM resells the IF150 as their DeepFlash 150. SanDisk is a technology partner with several other OSP software vendors as well.

Product Brief Includes:

  • Highlights
  • Deployment and Usage
  • Strengths and Potential Concerns

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