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RFP Template

Detail template for developing an RFP, include key elements, already drafted copy and recommendations

This RFP Template is a 21 page detailed workbook designed to cover all aspects of an RFP.  The template goes beyond listing key elements.  It provides detailed copy with recommendations for approach and purpose.  An excerpt example is below:

If the RFP is going to be delivered in phases, the description of what the phases are should be done here.   As an example:)
The requirements of this RFP encompass two (2) phases, they are:
A.   Phase 1 requires a xxxxxxxx architecture to be delivered not later than _____ (X) week(s) after contract award.
B.   Phase 2 requires a proposal for an Implementation phase not later than ___ (X) week(s) after approval of Phase 1. The Implementation phase proposal must include, but is not limited to a statement of Project understanding, responsibility matrix, project tasks with milestones and objectives and a not to exceed cost ceiling to provide all necessary services and deliverables for a successful, satisfactory and acceptable implementation. The Company reserves the right to reject the Implementation phase proposal and to proceed with a separate implementation phase RFP.


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